Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What programs do you offer?

We are a Department of Education (DepEd) recognized school for Preschool (Nursery, K1 and K2) and Elementary (Grades 1 to 6).

At what age can we start enrolling our child?

Students may enroll in our Nursery Program if they are turning 3 years old within the first quarter of the School Year.

Do you offer Online and Face-to-Face Learning?

Yes, we do. Specifically, APDM offers the following Learning Delivery Modes to suit your family’s needs:
o IN-SCHOOL – Learning transpires in school, pending government clearance.
o DISTANCE: SYNCHRONOUS – Students attend LIVE ONLINE classes from home and interact with peers virtually.
o DISTANCE: ASYNCHRONOUS – Parents mediate learning using OFFLINE instructional materials provided by APDM with teacher check-ins.
o BLENDED – Combination of In-school and Distance learning from home.

Do you accept children with disabilities (CWD)?

Adhering to the Department of Education’s call for all schools to be inclusive of CWD, APDM accommodates a quota of carefully screened and adequately prepared students with Learning and Developmental Conditions. We may refer students to our sister special education school, the Independent Living Learning Centre, depending on their needs.

How much are the tuition and miscellaneous fees?

The fees depend on factors such as the child’s grade level, the family’s chosen Learning Delivery Mode and if the child needs special instruction. A feedback that we take pride in is that for a quality Progressive School, our fees are very competitive. For details, interested parties are advised to call the Admin Office.

Do you offer financial assistance and Scholarship programs?

Yes, we do. Amidst the COVID Pandemic, families who have been stricken economically may apply for Socialized Tuition Fees and flexible payment terms. Application forms are available at the Admin Office.

Do you accept new enrollees and transferees?

Yes, we do. However, slots are on a first come first served basis.

How can we enroll?

a. Returning students – Call the Admin Office and express your chosen Learning Delivery Mode. You will receive an assessment of fees and instructions on how to pay. FAMILIES ARE HIGHLY ENCOURAGED TO PAY ONLINE via our BDO, and GCash. Email a photo of online payment transactions/deposit slips as proof of payment. If online payment is not possible, our Admin Office is open to serve you. Rest assured that measures have been placed for us to receive you safely.

b. New students – Upon obtaining the necessary information you need about our school, set an appointment for your child’s admissions interview and send us the child’s birth certificate and Learner’s Reference Number (For Grades 1 to 6). The interview can be done online. However, a face-to-face interview, pending government clearance, is required for students who intend to enroll in our Blended or In-school Learning Delivery Programs. On the same day, the results of your child’s application will be released to you. Then, the final assessment of fees and payment instructions will be given to you. For online payments, email a photo of your payment transactions/deposit slips. Your child is officially enrolled.

What differentiates a Progressive from a Traditional School?

Progressive schools often have a much smaller class size. This allows teachers to offer personalized and student-centered instruction. Teaching is offered using practical and enjoyable activities and not just through books. Students are encouraged to ask questions and to think outside the box. Hence, students can learn to be more analytical, practical and independent while having fun!

What is your discipline policy? How do you deal with bullies and behavioral issues?

We believe in positive discipline. We never resort to corporal punishment. The school works collaboratively with families to deliver transformative guidance to the aggrieved and the offender. The school takes pride in it’s school culture that proactively promotes acceptance and respect for diversity in terms of religion, ethnicity, economic status, gender, appearance and ability.

What curriculum do you use?

APDM’s curriculum has both informal and formal components that are designed to spark joy and scholastic achievement. Its unique curriculum focuses on the Most Essential Learning Competencies that are defined by the Department of Education as skills that promote higher thinking and readiness for life in the 21st Century. APDM can design Individualized Education Programs for students who need special instruction.

What efforts have you done in response to COVID-19?

Our students’ safety, health and wellbeing are our outmost priority. Hence, we enforce health and safety guidelines that adhere to government and health regulations such as the DOH and WHO. Moreover, we offer Distance Learning so that students will have the option of learning from home. Our passionate, young, joyful and tech savvy staff and teachers continue to undergo training on safety and Distance Education.

What are your office hours?

We are open Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. Depending on the demand, we may open on Saturdays as well.

How can we get it in touch/contact the Admin Office?

(+632) 85618198
(+632) 85311551

b. MOBILE – You may call/text
(Globe) 09267360843
(Smart) 09997386977


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