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Welcome To APDM Philippines

The Academia Progresiva de Manila (APDM), established on July 2013, caters to the needs of pre-school, elementary and high school aged children. We are a vibrant and progressive learning community aiming to enable students to become confident, independent, enterprising, caring and inquisitive learners fully prepared for higher education.

Through contemporary and life-based approaches in education, APDM’s multidisciplinary team is dedicated to promote the effective application of competencies learned in school to actual life situations. Practical learning activities for independent living are provided in home and community settings to help generalize learning.



The APDM is envisioned to be one of the country’s leading and self-sustaining progressive schools. Its excellent life-based programs, contemporary amenities, and the genuine warmth of its teachers will make it an important resource for Filipinos.



The APDM sees itself actively empowering youth from different walks of life to become future leaders who are analytical, goal-driven, values-oriented, socially responsible, compassionate and fulfilled members of society.



Our Philosophy

The School’s philosophy is based on numerous teaching-learning approaches that have been based on the theories of education, occupational science, the arts and the social sciences. The following are the basic principles of the program:

  • Evidence-based practice – The level of the evidence supporting the effectiveness of educational approaches should be evaluated and considered in developing a student’s program.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving – Opportunities for creativity and exploration will be provided for students to overcome obstacles.
  • Self-sufficiency - early promotion of independence and economic self-reliance
  • Social responsibility and democracy – By instilling values of community and service, students will grow to become compassionate and socially responsible citizens.
  • Personalized education - Accounting for each student’s learning style and goals will promote scholastic achievement.
  • Performance-based and Experiential learning – Practical and meaningful activities will be used to promote generalization of skills in actual life situations.
  • Developmental principles – Programs should be appropriate to the client’s biological and developmental age.
  • Activity and Contextual demands – Activity demands and the student’s cultural, physical, social, personal, spiritual, temporal and virtual contexts are considered as these may influence the student’s performance.
  • Team approach – Collaboration among the student, his/her family, professionals and other stakeholders should be fostered for a holistic and integrated approach.
  • Fun Learning – ‘Just right’ challenge should be provided to enhance the clients’ opportunities for success. Activities are chosen based on the students’ interests and skills to help keep them interested and motivated.
  • Genuine service – A genuine desire to help should be the primary motivation for rendering services.

About Us

We are a vibrant learning community aiming to enable the students to become confident, independent, caring and inquisitive learners fully prepared for higher education.
We have a highly trained team of teachers and staff who specialize in personalizing the learning for all children.

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