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January 6, 2017. Ms. Salvacion Olinares, Ms. Elizabeth Owit and Ms. Trinidad Lagarto, officials from the Department of Education, Central Office,
TOYP Awards, Quebec, Canada, November 4, 2016. For his excellence and voluntary leadership in uplifting humanity through a more inclusive society,
Taking emergency response seriously, APDM conducted a school-wide fire and earthquake drill on July 21, 2016. Staff and Students alike were briefed
In November 2014, Sir Archie had the privilege of attending an orientation at the Francis W. Parker School in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Founded in
Envisioning an educational system that is inclusive of children with disabilities, Secretary of Education, Brother Armin Luistro, FSC spearheaded a
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APDM Philippines

APDM Philippines

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My family and I have always seen Cholo as quiet and moody. He wasn’t the all-smiles, cutesy kind like most kids his age are. He normally used to cry and throw tantrums when unfamiliar faces come by. He didn’t have much confidence and would sometimes shy away with the presence of other people. But as he grew to be a young boy, we noticed that he was starting to become more associated with people, young and old.
When he started his schooling in Academia, we saw him develop his dancing in leaps and bounds. The different activities and programs they do in school had been a big influence and driving force for him to love dancing more. I remember being a very proud parent when I saw him dance for their UN Day Program where his class represented Japan. He was one of those who danced most gracefully. I am amazed that he has become more confident and at ease with how he projects himself to others. It was then that I realized Academia is definitely doing something really well and it’s working for my son.
Another thing I am thankful for is that Cholo is now conscious with his use of the English language. Admittedly, our household is not an avid fan of speaking in English and so I am really happy to see Cholo develop and get used to it on a daily basis. We would be surprised whenever we hear Cholo express himself in English. At first, it was awkward and we would sometimes bash
him and joke around, but as he became more conversational and natural at it, I realized that he really is learning a lot in Academia.
Parents would do everything to make their children be the best they can be. It’s a good thing to have a partner in building our children physically, mentally and sometimes emotionally, too. With all the positive changes I see in Cholo’s behaviour and development, I know he’s in good hands with Academia. I can say I am happy I made the right choice.


Friday, 15 January 2016 00:00

Our APDM Experience By: Faith Calapano

It is important to choose the right school—a school that instills positive values in every student to help the parents maintain (or even improve) what has been taught from home.

J is a happy child, shy as she may seem to others, and well behaved. I have seen tremendous improvement in her social well-being, in her interaction with her classmates and teachers, and for that, I am grateful to Academia Progresiva De Manila (APDM). They have literally brought her out of her shell. She is more confident now—leading the opening prayer, singing and dancing during the school programs. She also loves to participate in games during their P.E. time. Seeing her talk with her classmates, playing with them without prodding, and telling me stories of what they did in school makes me so happy. She does not want to miss a day of school. I am thankful that APDM has been a part of our lives, and we will never forget the kindness and generosity that they have given us.




Friday, 15 January 2016 00:00

Our APDM Experience By: Laine Pe

I was looking for a pre-school where my daughter would be happy, learn and play in a nurturing environment with friendly people. While looking through many preschools around Mandaluyong, I finally found Academia Progresiva De Manila. My daughter Chloe loves going to school every day. I feel secure having her with good people, especially Teacher Regene, who understands children so well and is in tune with each child's personality. She always has something special to share with me about my daughter when I go to school to pick her up. She pours her heart out and soul into teaching the children everything they need to know to be well prepared for the next school year. My daughter has learned numbers, the alphabet, can write her name, and spell out some words, all of which are very exciting and make me a proud parent because of her high grades. Academia Progresiva De Manila creates a wonderful, educational, and stimulating environment for the kids. Not only did they help foster my daughter's social growth but her academic growth as well. I would like to commend the tremendous effort of all the people working here: the school guards and aides for assisting, and guiding the kids whenever there is a need; Sir Archie, the Executive Director of the school for his care, attention and love for all the children clearly resonates with the kids, and Teacher Nina, the School Principal, as she is the person behind the success of all APDM programs. I can see her assisting the teachers and the kids every practice. I would highly recommend APDM for anyone looking for a good school for their child. An absolute must if you're looking for a safe, clean and loving learning environment for your little ones.


Call it parental duty, responsibility or instinct, but I guess parents always wish the best for their child. From food, clothing, toys, home – and yes – school, parents try to provide for what is good and best for their offspring. Along with the search for healthy food, nice clothing, popular and safe toys, clean and well-appointed homes, good quality education for their son or daughter is at the top of a loving parent’s list of priorities.
Before Academia Progresiva de Manila, my daughter attended two different pre-schools located within two blocks of our present home. Both pre-schools have distinct differences in their approach towards teaching as well as in their student population. While I cannot question their individual qualities, I was always left wanting for something better for my daughter. After all, she’s the only one I have. Fortunately, in the summer of 2014, APDM opened its doors just three houses away. The name itself exudes prestige and quality. Without hesitation, I inquired immediately and no sooner, I found myself enrolling my child, Amber Ricci Singson, for prep school. A year hence, APDM proved to be what I thought itwas from the start—a solid foundation for the future of my dearest daughter. I felt and saw the dedication of Sir Archie and the whole staff to give their best. At Academia, I found excellence in the delivery of quality education. But most importantly, I found an extended family willing and able to be a responsible parent’s partner in fulfilling a dream for her only child.



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Every year, there is a chance to give back to the people who have brought us to where we are today. Every 5th of October, each teacher receives an outpouring of gratitude that reflects the call of duty they go beyond for. The teachers appreciated their students’ thoughtful expression of love towards them but they are always quick to acknowledge
The APDM Community had its annual educational field trip on November 18, 2016. The students had fun exploring the attractions at the Philippine Science Centrum. Everyone was treated with a glimpse to the wonderful world of science and its contribution to life! Afterwards, the children roamed the indoor play city, KidZania! Students got the chance
On October 24, 2016, the APDM Community celebrated the United Nation’s Day with the theme, “A World Tour of Talents.” The students represented different countries such as China, Korea, Japan, USA, Philippines, India, Mexico, Spain and Italy. Students gleefully paraded their costumes and gamely smiled for the cameras! Moreover, all the classes
The APDM had a productive Parent-Teacher Assembly (PTA) last September 3, 2016. In the said meeting, school projects and fund raising activities were discussed and finalized. Some parents shared their most memorable experiences in APDM. After which, parents were enjoined to play fun getting-to-know-you games. Our School Principal, Ms. Nina Almeda,
APDM successfully held its 3rd Friendship Cup and Family Day on November 6, 2016. The APDM Community was distributed into 4 teams namely: Team Yellow Maliksi, led by T. Allysa Aragon and T. Roxanne Publico, Team Blue Malakas, led by T. Brienne Saguisag and T. Mark Villamer, Team Green Mahusay, led by T. Jaira Calingasan and T. Kamille Santos, and
On November 7, 2016, the APDM students participated in a Trick or Treat that displayed the creativity of each student as they dressed up in very unique costumes while collecting their treats around the school. The event made the students very eager to return to class armed with their interesting vacation stories but also their excitement to see
Taking emergency response seriously, APDM conducted a school-wide fire and earthquake drill on July 21, 2016. Staff and Students alike were briefed to stay calm and alert in such situations. Each grade level was given a chance to practice accident precautionary measures. The drills given were unannounced and students must be knowledgeable on the
Noong ika-25 ng Agosto ay ginunita ng APDM ang Buwan ng Wika sa pamamagitan ng isang malikhain at kaiga-igayang paraan – mga Palarong Pilipino. Bakas sa ngiti ng mga bata ang tuwa sa pagtuklas ng mga katutubong laro na di lamang nakatutuwa kundi lubhang nakatutulong sa pag-unlad ng kanilang kakayahang pisikal at emosyonal tulad ng pakikisama,
APDM is where inner gifts are called to shine. Through a progressive and nurturing learning environment, teachers and staff aim to discover each student’s full potential. APDM’s students impressed everyone with their entertaining Foundation Day performances on July 29, 2016 with the theme Going the Distance, Nurturing Future Leaders. Each class
Academia Progresiva de Manila and its Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) had a successful event called “Think Green: A Garage Sale, Food and BINGO fair” on March 1, 2015. The first part of the event was the BINGO Fair and the Food Fair. The parents enjoyed playing BINGO while the kids actively sold different kinds of healthy snacks. Raffle prizes

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