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January 6, 2017. Ms. Salvacion Olinares, Ms. Elizabeth Owit and Ms. Trinidad Lagarto, officials from the Department of Education, Central Office,
TOYP Awards, Quebec, Canada, November 4, 2016. For his excellence and voluntary leadership in uplifting humanity through a more inclusive society,
Taking emergency response seriously, APDM conducted a school-wide fire and earthquake drill on July 21, 2016. Staff and Students alike were briefed
In November 2014, Sir Archie had the privilege of attending an orientation at the Francis W. Parker School in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Founded in
Envisioning an educational system that is inclusive of children with disabilities, Secretary of Education, Brother Armin Luistro, FSC spearheaded a
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APDM Philippines

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During the first few days, I took Bela to school. Since I work the night shift, it was taking its toll on my sleepdeprived body. Telling her that we got a shuttle service to bring her to school proved to be quite a challenge. After I said my piece and pleaded my case, with a frown she replied, "But Daddy I don't know how to get home!" I heaved a big sigh of relief, a heavy weight has been lifted. After all, she was okay with going to school without mommy and daddy in tow. I smiled, the same kind of smile that kept coming back as days went by. Just a few days with APDM and her confidence has already exceeded our expectations. Through APDM, Bela has developed into a very studious and responsible student, a caring classmate, a more loving and respectful daughter and most of all, a God-fearing person. I can honestly and sincerely say APDM is bringing out the best in my Bela! Thank you, APDM, for having a special brand of nurturing anchored on a lot of love and caring. In APDM, every child finds a bedrock of tender, loving care while learning the ABCs of life. Thank you, too, for sowing good seeds in my daughter's heart and mind which certainly will take root, bloom and blossom in the years to come. To our APDM family, thank you for all the "smiles" you brought into our faces.


Mark Edrei C. Mendaro is a typical kid who really loves to play, learn and discover things on his own. But when he entered Grade 2 in his former school, there was a big change in his attitude especially in his academic performance. I was so desperate seeing him lose his confidence. After he finished Grade 2, I decided to look for another school appropriate for him. Luckily, I found the Academia Progresiva de Manila. As a Grade 3 student, I saw a huge improvement on my son. He is very eager to learn and focused on his studies with the help and assistance of his tutor Teacher Kimmy and with the guidance of his teachers. I am so grateful seeing him very active in his academic tasks. He is very confident every time he performs during the school programs, the smile on his face was very remarkable for me. Now that Mark is in Grade 4, he has become responsible with his academic subjects. Seeing all the improvements in my son, the school gets two thumbs up from me. Thank you very much, Academia Progresiva de Manila, for being a part of Mark’s school life.


Our family moved to Mandaluyong in early 2016. Being new to the location and not having a network in the community yet, we mostly had to rely on the Internet for information on schools. We quickly found several options but we knew that choosing the right preschool was the first important step in Ben’s education so we wanted to take our time and do it thoughtfully. We learned of APDM very late in the summer. After reviewing the website, we set up an appointment for an admission assessment. Teacher Archie gave us our first positive experience with the school. He was warm, accommodating to our questions and he demonstrated an effective way of drawing answers from Ben during their interview. We were impressed by his approach and we left our meeting knowing that we didn't have to search further. Ten months later, we’ve just had more positive milestones with APDM. Our favorites include the first time we watched Ben perform on stage and how delightedly surprised we were (We didn’t know we had dancing genes in the family), our excitement for the release of the first quarter grades and discovering all the A+’s, shopping for baon for our first field trip, the home integration activities which have encouraged us to become creative and truly invested. Apart from these fun memories, our great take away from this year is seeing the development in Ben’s social, communication and life skills. He has become more curious and independent. He has made friends. His vocabulary has expanded. He goes off to school happily in the morning and comes home with more stories about his day in class. For all these wonderful things, we are so grateful to Teacher Judith and her teacher aides. Thank you and we look forward to next school year with you!


In our child’s 2-year schooling at APDM, we’ve seen her grow to be an independent, strong-willed, cheerful and caring individual. She is not only equipped academically but emotionally as well. She has developed the sense of independence and responsibility, which made her overcome the two important behaviors in her first years of school, her shyness and stage fright. This is all because of APDM’s school activities and programs. Her academic performance makes us proud as she continuously establishes the study habit of “learning while having fun.” It was indeed a less stressful experience for her and for first time parents like us also. Searching for a school that would nurture your child’s capability in academics is hard. But looking for a school that would partner with you in guiding your child’s behavior is even harder. We are glad that we have found the balance of both in APDM. Seeing our child excited to go to school every day is sign that we made the right choice.


APDM has provided a safe and comfortable environment for our children to learn and develop. The teachers know their students and can tailor their efforts to each individual student’s needs. We love how the school treats each child as a child of God, worthy of respect and dignity. APDM provides a high quality education in a family-type environment. The foundation the school lays is going to be beneficial for all their life! We are truly thankful to have APDM as Sam and Symoune’s second family!


When Lyle graduated from Prep, I was worried about finding the right school for him as he needed a school that will cater to his needs. My husband and I wanted a progressive school for him and that was an added challenge since there are very few progressive schools around. I scoured the internet to find what I was looking for and I found APDM. I found the school website and I thought, “This looks promising.” My husband and I visited the school a few days later. You know that feeling when you finally found what you’re looking for? I felt it in my gut that I found the right school for my son. Today, Lyle is in Grade 2 and is enjoying school and all the activities. He says he likes all his classmates and his teachers which makes me very happy. I can see that he has learned a lot and has developed a strong sense of responsibility when it comes to school work. I especially saw this during the Food Fair and Bingo Day. I saw him cook an omelet through the supervision of Teacher Kamille and he was very proud of his work. I am very happy of the choice my husband and I made when we enrolled Lyle in APDM and I thank all his teachers for helping him learn new things everyday. He has big dreams and I know that APDM will help him get closer to those dreams


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The Academia Progresiva De Manila held its very first Valentine’s Day Activity on February 13, 2015. Each class had different classroom activities wherein they were taught the concept of love for their family and friends. Kinder – Apple, the babies of the school, repacked candies in their very own designed paper bags and shared it with their
The APDM students along with their teachers and parents visited the Rave Rainforest Park and the Dolljoy Gallery and Museum in Pasig City on January 22, 2015.The students enjoyed as they explored the park which offers a bunch of exciting attractions such as the Botanical Garden, Mini Zoo, Flower Park, Picnic Grove, Mini Train Station, the A-Maze
Academia Progresiva De Manila held its very first Friendship Cup and Family Day on September 20, 2014. It was an activity where parents and children had the chance to enjoy, bond with other families and establish sportsmanship. The children and parents were divided into four teams namely the Yellow Tigers, Green Tamaraws, Red Lions, and Blue
Ang pistahan ay isa sa mga napakasaya, pinakaaabangan at pinaghahandaang kaganapan sa Pilipinas. Sa ganitong pagkakataon nagkakaroon din ng pagkakaisa ang mga tao na ipagdiwang ang ating kultura. Ito ay naramdaman din noong ika-28 ng Agosto 2014 sa pinakaunang programa ng paaralan simula nang maitatag ito. Ipinagdiwang natin ang Buwan ng Wika na
On August 23, 2014, the APDM Parent Teacher Association (PTA) conducted a meeting to discuss the details of a fundraising event entitled: “Think Green: A Garage, Food and Bingo Fair.” The PTA, with the vision of upgrading and enhancing school facilities, agreed that the event will be held on March 1, 2015, Sunday at the APDM School
Who is your hero? People consider different heroes in life. For some, they may opt to say that their teacher is their hero. It is very humbling for the teachers to hear someone say these words. Thus, the Philippines had a month long celebration for our unsung heroes with the theme, “My Teacher. My Hero.” from September 5 – October 5, 2014. The
Every October, the United Nations is celebrated worldwide to promote peace among nations. In the Philippines, children represent different countries through their costumes. This teaches children to respect and honor diversity.Academia Progresiva de Manila celebrated its first UN Day celebration. Each class represented and had a short performance
The Academia Progresiva De Manila had its very first Christmas program on December 19, 2014 with the theme, “An APDM Christmas Carol." The pupils from the Preschool and Elementary Departments rendered different kinds of Christmas presentations. They also showcased creative Christmas costumes which made the pupils more adorable. After the Christmas
Academia Progresiva de Manila and its Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) had a successful event called “Think Green: A Garage Sale, Food and BINGO fair” on March 1, 2015. The first part of the event was the BINGO Fair and the Food Fair. The parents enjoyed playing BINGO while the kids actively sold different kinds of healthy snacks. Raffle prizes

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